Project Change

Five weeks. One group of strangers. All lives changed. Nothing Less will do.

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“Through this program, I learned how to see my authentic self, and dig deep to discover ways of thinking that were part of my programming - not my truth. I feel empowered and free now. I am creating myself and the life I desire, and I finally learned how to stop restricting myself from chasing my dreams.”

Project Change Graduate, Ashleigh Mazella

“We are all much more alike than we give each other credit for. Being given the space and opportunity to be real, raw, vulnerable, and honest is the next frontier in business/ corporate theory/ practice. We all would benefit from this kind of outlet and community. There is no one on this planet who wouldn't benefit from being encouraged to think deeply about who they are, what they want/ who they want to be, and how they might get from point a to point b.”

Project Change Graduate

The experience of Project Change was an experience I did not even realize I needed as badly as I did; never before have I been surrounded by so many incredible people willing to push their own comfort zones out of the window and even more willing to help you push yours. Our Leaders, Meagan and Fritz, showed up every day encouraging us to think differently through models of thought-process, roleplay, and identifying the personal "gremlins" from deep down within us that usually get in the way of us achieving our goals. It made me realize I have so much more power over my life than I am willing to admit some days, and that with the right people supporting you in your journey, you can truly achieve any change you want to make.

Project Change Graduate, Deanna Henry

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

-Mary Oliver

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